Fit 5-40-5 Fitness

Short & Effective: 5 Special Exercises for 40 Seconds and 5 Reps.  The Fit 5-40-5 workout program is based on the principles of the highly effective high-intensity interval training or HITT…….only with a twist!

While the science confirms the many benefits of HITT training, it also identifies some of the shortcomings of this form of training as it contributes to overall health and fitness.  We have created our workouts so that you get all the great benfits of HITT training as well as make subtle additions to account for the shortcomings in order to achieve the most well rounded results for your health.

The core workouts of the FIT 5-40-5 program consist of 5 Exercises at 40 Second Bursts and repeated 5 Times.  This results in a slightly longer form of high intensity training but maintains an efficient time frame in which to train.  This form of training has been shown to help prevent post exercise appetite and stimulate FAT BURN due to the production of hormones called catecholamines.

Research has shown the best way to achieve the fat burning advantage of catecholamines is to alternate between exercises that incorporate all parts of the body.

The Fit 5-40-5 workout program has been created based on sound scientific findings in order to help you achieve FAT BURNING and MUSCLE TONING as efficiently as you can.  In addition, the science shows many other benefits you can achieve from this form of workout, all of which relate to the most common health problems facing people today, thus allowing you to move your needle in the direction of wellness on the spectrum of health.   Benefits include:

  • Weight Loss
  • Increased Energy
  • Increased Muscle tone
  • Lower risk of heart disease / stroke
  • Lower risk of diabetes
  • Lower the ‘BAD’ cholesterol
  • Improved Mood